What to Expect From an American Reporting Publishing Report

Have you signed up for American Reporting Publishing’s monthly newsletter yet? If you have any interest in sweepstakes and mail-in contests, this service is an essential! American Reporting Publishing has been a part of the sweepstakes industry for over 10 years, so they have extensive connections that allow them to research contests and then provide accurate information to their customers.

Variety and Quality

Each newsletter from American Reporting Publishing offers a summary of the sweepstakes and contests across the nation that are currently open. Whether you’re looking for information on a small, local contest in Memphis, TN or want to participate in a massive, nationwide sweepstakes, American Reporting Publishing’s newsletters will offer you plenty of options.

American Reporting Publishing doesn’t include every single sweepstakes in their newsletter, however. Instead, they cull out any options that seem sketchy or have a bad reputation so that their customers are only presented with trustworthy contests. If you rely on the information in American Reporting Publishing’s newsletter, you can avoid getting scammed!

What’s In a Newsletter

The newsletter from American Reporting Publishing is full of practical information. For each entry, American Reporting Publishing offers suggestions on when to submit your entries, how many entries to submit, and how to fill out your entry form and envelope. With this type of detailed information, you’re less likely to make a blunder and get disqualified from a contest. In addition, American Reporting Publishing’s newsletters provide tips and hints on how to increase your chances of winning.

How have you benefited from American Reporting Publishing’s newsletter?


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