American Reporting Publishing: Why Publish a Monthly Newsletter?

The prospect of producing a monthly newsletter might seem daunting if you’re a new business starting out. However, American Reporting Publishing highly recommends publishing a regular newsletter. In the experience of American Reporting Publishing, a newsletter is the best way to connect with your customers and show that you are invested in helping them.

Even if you aren’t in the sweepstakes industry like American Reporting Publishing, a newsletter can be very beneficial to your company. Here are American Reporting Publishing’s top reasons for producing a regular newsletter:

1.    Demonstrate to your customers that you care. Companies that don’t care about their customers aren’t going to put in the effort of preparing a newsletter each month. American Reporting Publishing has a loyal base of followers who recognize that the accurate, current information in the company’s monthly newsletter is a reflection of how much the company cares about its customers.
2.    Ensure regular contact with your supporters. In American Reporting Publishing’s experience, a monthly newsletter is great way to stay in touch with your supporters. It reminds them that you are still working for them each month!
3.    Prove that your company is committed to offering quality products or services. American Reporting Publishing’s newsletter presents only the highest quality information and tips on current sweepstakes. The company’s customers know that they can rely on the quality of the newsletter.
4.    Gain respect within your industry. After 10 years of publishing monthly newsletters, American Reporting Publishing has gained widespread respect in the sweepstakes industry and the sweeper community.


American Reporting Publishing Discusses Different Types of Contests

Although American Reporting Publishing has spent the last 10 years devoted to reporting on mail-in contests and sweepstakes, there is still plenty of variety within that category. In, fact one of the tips that you will often find in American Reporting Publishing’s monthly newsletter is to enter a large variety of contests in order to improve your chances of winning.

American Reporting Publishing has a reputation for offering tips that actually help sweepers win, so it is smart to pay attention to their suggestions! American Reporting Publishing suggests entering a variety of contests, such as the following:

–          Contests based on skill or talent. Since fewer people will feel qualified to enter a contest that requires them to perform a skill or share a talent, each entry has more weight. If you can send in an original recipe or write an essay, you’ll have much better odds in this type of contest.

–          Local competitions. Again, it’s all about improving your odds. Since local contests aren’t open to their entire nation, there will be significantly fewer entries. American Reporting Publishing has found that local contests may have smaller prizes, but entries have a much higher chance at winning.

–          Mail-in sweepstakes. Mail-in contests are the specialty of American Reporting Publishing. As online contests become more and more popular, fewer people are willing to take the time to mail in an entry, so mail-in contests are becoming less competitive.

Drop boxes. This type of opportunity can be found at your local supermarket or mall. Although they can be legitimate, American Reporting Publishing warns sweepers to be aware of the possibility of a scam.

Why Choose American Reporting Publishing?

So you’re interested in learning more about sweepstakes and increasing your chances of winning. Perhaps you’re even a sweepstakes hobbyist, or “sweeper,” who makes a full-time living off of contests and sweepstakes. Why should you choose to get information from American Reporting Publishing?

In short, American Reporting Publishing is the most reliable sweepstake company in the nation because of its established reputation and its history of happy customers. The monthly newsletter on mail-in contests that is published by American Reporting Publishing provides sweepers with the insight they need to win cash and their preferred prizes.

Are you concerned about the rise of internet-based sweepstakes making mail-in contests irrelevant? Although there are many contests promoted via social media, there is still a strong mail-in contest industry. American Reporting Publishing’s chock-full newsletter is proof of the industry’s strength!

Not convinced yet? After 10 years in the industry, there are plenty of reasons to support American Reporting Publishing! Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose their newsletter:

–    The top tips on how to actually win sweepstakes and contests! Each newsletter is accompanied with suggestions on how to better your chances.
–    Informed recommendations on your strategy for each contest. For instance, a description of a sweepstakes in the American Reporting Publishing newsletter might include suggestions on how many times to enter and when exactly to submit your entry.
–    Current information. It can’t be emphasized enough – in an industry full of lies and false information, American Reporting Publishing is committed to providing accurate, up-to-date facts on mail-in contests.

What to Expect From an American Reporting Publishing Report

Have you signed up for American Reporting Publishing’s monthly newsletter yet? If you have any interest in sweepstakes and mail-in contests, this service is an essential! American Reporting Publishing has been a part of the sweepstakes industry for over 10 years, so they have extensive connections that allow them to research contests and then provide accurate information to their customers.

Variety and Quality

Each newsletter from American Reporting Publishing offers a summary of the sweepstakes and contests across the nation that are currently open. Whether you’re looking for information on a small, local contest in Memphis, TN or want to participate in a massive, nationwide sweepstakes, American Reporting Publishing’s newsletters will offer you plenty of options.

American Reporting Publishing doesn’t include every single sweepstakes in their newsletter, however. Instead, they cull out any options that seem sketchy or have a bad reputation so that their customers are only presented with trustworthy contests. If you rely on the information in American Reporting Publishing’s newsletter, you can avoid getting scammed!

What’s In a Newsletter

The newsletter from American Reporting Publishing is full of practical information. For each entry, American Reporting Publishing offers suggestions on when to submit your entries, how many entries to submit, and how to fill out your entry form and envelope. With this type of detailed information, you’re less likely to make a blunder and get disqualified from a contest. In addition, American Reporting Publishing’s newsletters provide tips and hints on how to increase your chances of winning.

How have you benefited from American Reporting Publishing’s newsletter?

American Reporting Publishing: Reliability is Essential

When starting a new relationship with any company, it is important to make sure it is reliable. When it comes to sweepstakes companies, people around the nation rely on the services of American Reporting Publishing because of its integrity, services, experience, and loyalty.

Customers of American Reporting Publishing love the company’s integrity. American Reporting Publishing stands behind its services and never exaggerates or makes outrageous claims. Without integrity, American Reporting Publishing would never have been able to survive the world of business for more than 10 years.

You can also weigh a company’s reliability on the type of product it supplies. American Reporting Publishing has proven its product provides success. The sweepstakes company has a multitude of winners who enjoy cash and other prizes each and every month. Experts at American Reporting Publishing dedicate their time to providing the most efficient and best quality product.

Experience is also important. American Reporting Publishing has been in the business of sweepstakes for more than a decade. It has developed a way to maintain trust and reliability over the years and is not like any other company in its field. American Reporting Publishing is past the years of trial and error and knows how to produce an amazing service.

American Reporting Publishing also has passionate and loyal customers. The sweepstakes company has a plethora of advocates who stand behind its services. These customers have not only become winners with American Reporting Publishing, but they have also become part of the American Reporting Publishing family.

Reliability is essential to American Reporting Publishing because without it, the company cannot be successful. American Reporting Publishing has cultivated a positive environment full of dependability, trust, integrity, and fun. You will not find another sweepstakes company that has the passion for the business like American Reporting Publishing does