American Reporting Publishing: Why Publish a Monthly Newsletter?

The prospect of producing a monthly newsletter might seem daunting if you’re a new business starting out. However, American Reporting Publishing highly recommends publishing a regular newsletter. In the experience of American Reporting Publishing, a newsletter is the best way to connect with your customers and show that you are invested in helping them.

Even if you aren’t in the sweepstakes industry like American Reporting Publishing, a newsletter can be very beneficial to your company. Here are American Reporting Publishing’s top reasons for producing a regular newsletter:

1.    Demonstrate to your customers that you care. Companies that don’t care about their customers aren’t going to put in the effort of preparing a newsletter each month. American Reporting Publishing has a loyal base of followers who recognize that the accurate, current information in the company’s monthly newsletter is a reflection of how much the company cares about its customers.
2.    Ensure regular contact with your supporters. In American Reporting Publishing’s experience, a monthly newsletter is great way to stay in touch with your supporters. It reminds them that you are still working for them each month!
3.    Prove that your company is committed to offering quality products or services. American Reporting Publishing’s newsletter presents only the highest quality information and tips on current sweepstakes. The company’s customers know that they can rely on the quality of the newsletter.
4.    Gain respect within your industry. After 10 years of publishing monthly newsletters, American Reporting Publishing has gained widespread respect in the sweepstakes industry and the sweeper community.


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