American Reporting Publishing Discusses Different Types of Contests

Although American Reporting Publishing has spent the last 10 years devoted to reporting on mail-in contests and sweepstakes, there is still plenty of variety within that category. In, fact one of the tips that you will often find in American Reporting Publishing’s monthly newsletter is to enter a large variety of contests in order to improve your chances of winning.

American Reporting Publishing has a reputation for offering tips that actually help sweepers win, so it is smart to pay attention to their suggestions! American Reporting Publishing suggests entering a variety of contests, such as the following:

–          Contests based on skill or talent. Since fewer people will feel qualified to enter a contest that requires them to perform a skill or share a talent, each entry has more weight. If you can send in an original recipe or write an essay, you’ll have much better odds in this type of contest.

–          Local competitions. Again, it’s all about improving your odds. Since local contests aren’t open to their entire nation, there will be significantly fewer entries. American Reporting Publishing has found that local contests may have smaller prizes, but entries have a much higher chance at winning.

–          Mail-in sweepstakes. Mail-in contests are the specialty of American Reporting Publishing. As online contests become more and more popular, fewer people are willing to take the time to mail in an entry, so mail-in contests are becoming less competitive.

Drop boxes. This type of opportunity can be found at your local supermarket or mall. Although they can be legitimate, American Reporting Publishing warns sweepers to be aware of the possibility of a scam.


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